THE DEEPEST PLAY EVER  | The New Ohio Theater  |  March, 2012 

"From a show called “The Deepest Play Ever: The Catharsis of Pathos,” you’d expect overstatement, and that’s what you get with Geoffrey Decas O’Donnell’s musical satire...What you don’t get is boredom. [...]Talent thrives amid its tattered decadence."

- The New York Times

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THE PLAY ABOUT MY DAD  |  59E59 Theaters  |  June 2011

"...Boo Killebrew’s moving and imaginatively generous The Play About My Dad. [...] Memory, storytelling, playwriting and time travel intersect with a lovely kind of epic intimacy."

- TimeOut New York

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THE MOMENTUM  |  Laurie Beechman Theatre  |  2010

“That earnestness is ultimately what is most appealing and disarming about The Momentum. [...] The point: Pain is ordinary, bedrock. Let’s talk about it together, not wish it away with platitudes.” 

- New York Times

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